Extensions Support

Extensions Support

Extensions are add-ons that provide additional functionality to Hotot.

We have developed severals extensions for Hotot, which add features you see in other Hotot.

Preview Images and Videos

Preview Images and Videos

Hotot will preview embedded pictures and video into your timeline if possible.

Severals Picture share services, like img.ly, twipic, instagr.am, picplz.com are supported. In the video term, Youtube video service are supported.

Image Service Integration

Image Service Integration

To upload picture to social photo sharing services.

Theme Support

Theme Support

Hotot has severals built-in themes at present: “New Hope” and “Classic”. The default is “New Hope”, a simple and clear theme. If you prefer the old one, you can also choose the “Classic”. Feel free to build your own theme in Hotot.

Notice: Hotot for Chrome doesn’t support custom theme

Threaded Conversations

Threaded Conversations

Preload previous tweet in conversation if possible. Or view the whole conversation as you like.

View Geo Informations


To view View geographic information of specific tweets, simply click the geo icon.

Kismet Firewall


Tired of boring topics? Rule the timeline and drop them.

In the design, it’s not only a simple firewall, but also a powerful tool to help people have better control to their information flow. Now, you can try the prototype to feel its power.

Notification System


Hotot use different notification system in different platforms

Multi-Columns View


You can add/remove custom views now. It’s a convenient way to monitor someone’s timeline or more than one specified topics.

Hotot can remember the order and position of all views, so everything resumes when you launch Hotot next time. In addition, we also reform the old notification system, so you can apply separate notification policies in different views.

Real-time Update


When your friends update statuses, you can see them immediately.

Notice: For technological reasons, this feature is only enabled in Twitter profile without API proxy