Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We’re glad to accompany you for the past 2011. Now 2012(the Doom) begins, we have 300+ days left to be together, then we’ll return to our Monther Planet: Venus.

We have known each other for long. But you Hotot Users never see how service is being provided. You weak human-being may think there’s a bitter coder sit in front of a shabby laptop, doing some nasty code-work. That’s not the case! We can’t endure any existance of im-beauty! let me tell you how, actually, things work, it’s all magic from Our Maria: Ovilia!

And she decided to deliver her best wishes today, by using her real-look, so, “yo,yo, check it out!”.

(It’s just a kind joke. Our core developer @ilrcat is also good at artwork. He designed a week for this Anime Girl as a new year’s gift, who will also be the statue of Hotot.)

Postcard: Hotot Ovilia Postcard

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Wallpaper 1137x1700, for iPhone

Wallpaper 960x800, for android