Hotot v0.9.7 released

Hey my friends! Since it has great changes, this version is not only a bug-fixed released. Yes, it’s not a bug-free released, as usual. The first stable version will be the 1.0 (>_<). Don’t be down, in 0.9.7, we implement some awesome features as follows:

Real time update

Thank @shellexy, who brought us experimental real time update support. For technological reasons, this feature is only enabled in Twitter profile without API proxy.

Dynamic views support

You can add/remove custom views now. It’s a convenient way to monitor someone’s timeline or more than one specified topics. Hotot can remember the order and position of all views, so everything resumes when you launch Hotot next time. In addition, we also reform the old notification system, so you can apply separate notification policies in different views.

Performance improvement

Improve the performance of adding tweets, several times faster than the previous version, which also alleviate the lags caused by the adding incoming tweets.

Kismet Firewall

Tired of boring topics? Rule the timeline and drop them. I start up Kismet. In the design, it’s not only a simple firewall, but also a powerful tool to help people have better control to their information flow. Now, you can try the prototype to feel its power.

List support

Well, now you can manage your lists in Hotot now. Perhaps, it’s really useful for some people… However, the list support is not complete yet… Anyway, it works to some degrees.

Theme support

There are big changes in GUI of Hotot. Version 0.9.7 has two built-in themes: “New Hope” and “Classic”. The default is “New Hope”, a simple and clear theme. If you prefer the old one, you can also choose the “Classic”.
Feel free to build your own theme in Hotot*.

*Notice: Hotot for Chrome doesn’t support custom theme.

Multimedia Preview

The two extensions, Video Preview and Image Preview, has been embedded into Hotot’s code. By default, links from supported image service provider and video provider(Youtube only, at present) can be parsed as a small image to preview.

A Better Image Uploader

As I have mentioned in the previous post, new image uploader was introduced into Hotot. It’s more convenient, more polished, easier to use and has replaced the original uploader extension in Chrome version. Except for it doesn’t work in the native version, pity. :(

Expand the automatically

Twitter’s default URL shorten service is good. But it become inconvenient for people who are reading tweets. Hotot keep it, but expand it into the original URL to display.

Many bugs fixed.

Yep, bugs are endless. So we fixed lots of bugs as usual. Hotot doesn’t have an official twitter account yet, but we all developers and designers are twitter users. You can find our twitter accounts in “About & Help” > “Credits”*. Formal bug reports are more welcomed, please visit our Issue List to submit your advices and reports.

*Warning: We tweet in Chinese in most cases. Follow us on your own account!

By the way, we’re happy to inform you that Hotot have changed the VCS provider from Google Code to . If you are maintaining own package from the source, please update your repository URL. Thank you/www o(^_^)o~