Hotot v0.9.8.5 released

Sorry that I didn’t commit to Hotot for half a month. Thank to other developers, hotot still gets some new stuffs in this release.

Socks Proxy

I know there are so many fans of Stand-alone Hotot. Well, a good news for you: thank to @xnreformer and @CSSlayer, we bring socks proxy back.

Redesigned Dialogs

To make UI clean and intuitive, I just simply redesign the preferences dialog and the compose box. A new widget set has been introduced, hope you like the changes. Service

Do you think 140 chars limit of twitter is too harsh for some cases? Never mind, Hotot have own service to handle long tweet. Thank @ben2k1690 for coding work.

App Mask Extension

If you don’t like the default source name “Hotot” or “Hotot for Chrome”, this extension will help you.
A custom source name is a good way to promote your site or product.

For more details about the enhancements, please check out the change log


For Linux Users

Our official PPA has been updated, visit it for more information.

For Chrome Users

It will be updated to latest version automatically soon, please just be patient. :)