Hotot v0.9.8 released many updaes involved

I think 6 months are enough long for the first beta version. Thanks for 4 active developers, 2 designers, dozens of translators and thousands of users. HOTOT 0.9.8 COMES!

0.9.8 is the first beta release of Hotot, brings many exciting features to you.

New features

  • New Welcome Page
  • Color Label.
  • Draft.
  • Kismet Firewall.
  • Speech Input for Chrome edition.
  • Universal image uploader.
  • Detachable Search
  • Support to rearrange columns.

New Welcome Page

Inspired by the new login screen of Ubuntu, I design this one. Hope you like it.

New Welcome Page

Color Label.

Marguerite: What is Color Label? it’s colored bars ahead of tweets visually, but grants users possibility to redistribute concentrations between followings and distinguish key roles you eagerly care about from ordinary crowd.

For more details about color label, please read the previous post.

Color Label


Wanna compose something but feel not very clear about your idea? Just save it as a draft.


Kismet Firewall

In the design, it’s not only a simple firewall, but also a powerful tool to help people have better control to their information flow. Now, you can try the prototype to feel its power.


Please read this post if you want to explore the power of Kismet.

Speech input(Chrome only)

Speech Input for Chrome edition

Universal image uploader.

4 image service providers are supported, including the official one of Twitter!

Universal image uploader

It would be a handy tool to monitor what people are talking about.

Detachable Search

Support to rearrange columns

Don’t like the default order of columns? Now it’s possible to rearrange them by draging and droping the column icon simply.

Support to rearrange columns

And of course every column can be closed.

Support to rearrange columns

Minor Enhancements

  • Update Google Translate Extension.
  • Support HTTP Proxy with Authentication.
  • New Extension: Read It Later.
  • Support to change profile avatar.
  • Support to search people.
  • YOURLS url shorten service.
  • Minimize to tray.
  • Support STAP API proxy.
  • Support to close to exit.
  • Loose API limit from 350/hour to 1000/hour.
  • Trending Topics.
  • Minor Style & CSS Fixes.
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Refactored twitter API, OAuth and network code to prepare for multi-signin
  • Use account avatar as profile avatar.
  • Auto arrange the order of profiles.
  • Starts minimized (GTK and Qt).
  • Auto sign in (GTK and Qt).
  • Allow to sort columns manually (issue #113, #97).
  • Allow to add/close all columns.
  • Rearrange preferences dialog.
  • Update translation scanner script.
  • Allow to change language in welcome page.
  • Inline picture preview.
  • Update loading hint in welcome page.
  • Support to preview .jpe, .jpeg files (issue #186).
  • Open columns in background (issue #182).
  • Improve database performance.
  • Remove util.console.
  • New scrollbar.
  • New hotkey mechanism
  • Support Twitter official picture service.
  • Universal image uploader for gtk/chrome edition. Extension “imageuploader” is officially dropped.
  • “Deleted tweet” style.

Notable Bug Fixes (since

  • Fix: Only send one request to load more contents.
  • Fix: Cannot load more faved tweets.
  • Fix: character count, postion after closing tabs.
  • Fix: DM box now show recipient
  • Fix: Quote tweet calculate remaining chars correctly now
  • Fix: keyboard shortcut for retweet.
  • Fix: DM recipient changed to undefined when clicking Reply or Reply All.
  • Fix: UnicodeEncode error.
  • Fix: Qt desktop categories.
  • Fix: Qt text hover bubble effect.
  • Fix: Image uploader for gtk/qt.
  • Fix: Chrome fix (correct layout in Chrome 19.0.1068.1).
  • Fix: name not highlighted if it’s following a char (issue #119).
  • Fix: keep track conversations (issue #48).
  • Fix: Change the keybinding to invoke finder (form ‘/‘ to ‘ff’) (issue #42).
  • Fix something about keysyms (Gir).
  • Fix some icons problem in Qt version.
  • Fix unconsidered copy-n-paste (Gtk/Gir).
  • Fix: keyboard focus not working properly (issue #131).
  • Workaround for libsoup runtime (Gtk/Gir).
  • Fix: Changing font size without restart (issue #193).
  • Fix: XSS in drafts (issue #188).
  • Fix: Custom font doesn’t apply.
  • Fix: Wrong default font settings in Windows.
  • Fix: Incorrect scrollbar behaviors. (Issue #196, #197).
  • Fix: Windows version cannot load settings.
  • Fix: Window size saving (Qt)
  • Fix Issue #198
  • Fix scrolling problem when using trackpad on OS X
  • Fix: Horizontal slide
  • Fix: cannot open link(Gtk)
  • Chrome integration: Share with Hotot
  • Workaround: hook link event to prevent scrolling to top (Chrome)
  • Fix Issue #201
  • And many minor fixes.


The following people directly contributed to this release:

@shellex, @csslayer, @shellexy, @xnreformer, @doublechou, @sarim, @lb1a, @hfiguiere, @darkraven, @ereslibre, @easisee, @alick9188, @Etrnls, @Simounet

The following people contributed updated translations to this release:

@fanfolet, @rfsbsb, @csuarez, @wangxxx, @alexsandrisimus, @Blogofrais, @arvislacis, @xsoul, @Poapfel, @vinzv, @bassslave, @vinzv, @atilacamurca, @csuarez, @vasensio

The following people sponsored Hotot during to this release. I am really grateful for their donations!

Yichao Yu, Neo Lee, Difan Zhang, Shaoju Chen, YuFeng Guo

If you encounter any improper behavior in this release, please do not hesitate to file bugs!