Kismet firewall 2 in Hotot

Today, as I promised, I would like to share my experience on Hotot’s brand-new Kismet.

Briefly, it’s click & go for daily use and intelligent for advanced purposes.

Simply click on the little bunny on the top left corner, select “Kismet Firewall”, you could see what a nomal end-user firewall usually does, like this:

Mute Page

And we even provide this funny feature: “Filter like This”. If you’re not furious enough to intentionally open the Mute Page, or just too lazy to, this feature may help a lot. Just right click on a tweet, select “filter like this”:

Filter Like This

By selecting an action you wanna do to a specific part of the tweet, you create a filter rule automatically. All you need to do is verify and confirm the rule.

Verify and Confirm Filter Rule

Now comes to the most amazing but complicated part of Kismet: the Rule Based Filter:

Rule Based Filter

We divide our syntax to two pieces: Match Rule and Action begins with “do:”.

At first have some short-time memories of these full references.

namematch author. eg: “name:aiww”
mentionmatch receiver. eg: “mention:aiww”
keywordmatch a “keyword” in tweet’s text body. eg: “Bro” will eliminate that thing, YOU KNOW, laa-laa~
viamatch source. eg: “via:foursquare” will annihilate the annoying checkin guy.
tagmatch hashtag. eg: “tag:happyfriday” will clear your timeline up from #happyfriday.
has:geo/urlmatch location or link. eg: “has:geo” will remove any tweet contains geography information. we don’t even know where Mexico is, so why endure tweets keep questioning our IQ with a small town in Guadalcanal? “has:url” will keep you away from most robots, oversharing guys, and newspaper stuff.

Supported actions, at present:

do:dropit’ll annihilate the matched
do:maskit’ll overlay that text with mosaics. eg: *
do:notifyit’ll remind you through notification system (chrome or native).
do:archiveit’ll open and place that tweet in a new column.
do:reply()it’ll automatically reply the author with texts in brackets.
do:quote()it’ll automatically retweet that tweet with comments in brackets.

Next, we’ll explain how to combine them to create magic filters.

-Rule Name-

Keep me away from Bad News on Woodstock


drug OR sex OR gun OR rock'n'roll OR police tag:/woodstock/i has:url do:mask /* do:drop */

(Unluckily the OR function does not support yet. But it’s under development and nearly release state.)


Tweets contains “drug”/“sex”/“gun”/“rock’n’rool”/“police” with hashtag “woodstock” (use Regex to ignore Caps) , and represent himself as twibots by including a link (most of the times Human tells story instead of posting links) will be masked or droped.

You can equip yourself with the power of Regex in any of the Five match areas: name, mention, keyword, via, tag.

The rule in my snapshot : /^RT /g do:drop
is an example of using Regex in “keyword” area. it will search through the whole tweet text body by using suffix”/g”, if found with “RT” as empty head, it will be droped. because this should be done in Official New Retweet.

The First rule: tag:/woodstock/i do:mask
is another example of using Regex in “tag” area. it will ignore Cap error by using suffix”/i”. because you don’t know in what way tweeters write that.

Hotot’s not only prevent you from things uncomfortable, but also enables you to do things comfort you:

-Rule Name-

Notify me where my Nightclub Queen is


name:tixiang via:foursquare club do:notify do:archive do:reply("Wait for me my lord! Huge Hug you!")


Tweets contains “club” and sent by “@tixiang” from source “foursquare” will be notified to you even Chrome is minimized and aggregated into a new column. if you add the do:reply, you can even interact with her.

See how’s Hotot’s Kismet like? if you contribute further to our code base, it may even do tasks like take a habit-collection note to Evernote, assign your calendar on Google Calendar, and further, book a table automatically at the restaurant your wife named on twitter, send SMS to her by Google Voice, calculate drive route for her on Google Maps, and do it regularly with help of a Timer or Remember the Milk…so how’s it?