New image uploader

Hi there, I will bring you two news: a good one and a bad one.

The good one

A new Image Uploader will be added in Hotot v0.9.7. Here is the screenshot in dev-version:

New Image Uploader

The new uploader is more polished and powerful than the old one. You can drag & drop a photo on it to upload. The more important, the new one works even in Hotot for Chrome.

Yea, you can upload photos in Hotot for Chrome now.

The bad one

Since the lack of support for some html5 features in libwebkit, we have to disable the new uploader in native Hotot. Yes, I mean the python version. You won’t meet the new uploader unless you are using Hotot for Chrome (sorry for that). Libwebkit is what a laggard!