New image uploader

Hi there, I will bring you two news: a good one and a bad one.

The good one

A new Image Uploader will be added in Hotot v0.9.7. Here is the screenshot in dev-version:

New Image Uploader

The new uploader is more polished and powerful than the old one. You can drag & drop a photo on it to upload. The more important, the new one works even in Hotot for Chrome.

Yea, you can upload photos in Hotot for Chrome now.

The bad one

Since the lack of support for some html5 features in libwebkit, we have to disable the new uploader in native Hotot. Yes, I mean the python version. You won’t meet the new uploader unless you are using Hotot for Chrome (sorry for that). Libwebkit is what a laggard!

Hotot image uploader reloaded

Earlier days I implement a polished image uploader, which support DND and have a nice UI, but only works in Hotot for Chrome.

Today, I made a couple modifications to make it work for Hotot. Now you can drag & drop a photo on it to upload as you did it in Hotot for Chrome.

moreover, a speech input trigger has been added to the compose box. But this feature is only available in Hotot for Chrome.

So, enjoy it. :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We’re glad to accompany you for the past 2011. Now 2012(the Doom) begins, we have 300+ days left to be together, then we’ll return to our Monther Planet: Venus.

We have known each other for long. But you Hotot Users never see how service is being provided. You weak human-being may think there’s a bitter coder sit in front of a shabby laptop, doing some nasty code-work. That’s not the case! We can’t endure any existance of im-beauty! let me tell you how, actually, things work, it’s all magic from Our Maria: Ovilia!

And she decided to deliver her best wishes today, by using her real-look, so, “yo,yo, check it out!”.

(It’s just a kind joke. Our core developer @ilrcat is also good at artwork. He designed a week for this Anime Girl as a new year’s gift, who will also be the statue of Hotot.)

Postcard: Hotot Ovilia Postcard

Wallpaper 1920x1200

Wallpaper 1600x1200

Wallpaper 1137x1700, for iPhone

Wallpaper 960x800, for android

Color labels


We’ve made a decision to regularly update this blog, in order to make it more “Developer Blog” instead of “News Board”. I, Marguerite or Maga, as a close insider to Hotot team, will introduce current development focus, developers’ activities, and unleashed features here continuously.

Nowadays our main (almost solo) developer @shellex is tightly coding Hotot’s redesigned Kismet Content Filter Firewall. Theoretically, it will be a click-away filter system for fresh users, and Regex-like auto-precessing assistant for geeks through built-in macros. I’ll blog about it in detail later this week.

Yesterday an idea bumped up, so I designed and pushed her to code overnight temporarily on this new feature: Color Label.

What is Color Label? it’s colored bars ahead of tweets visually, but grants users possibility to redistribute concentrations between followings and distinguish key roles you eagerly care about from ordinary crowd.

Here’s a snapshot under openSUSE:

Color Label in Hotot

And here’s the default color pattern I mixed, each of the colors ships with a unique name to show our honor to specific person or affair, like scientist names an asteroid:

Default Color Pattern in Hotot

From left to right, top to bottom, the color names are:

  • #EB374B “cuddly”.

    @cuddly_v She’s really hot and fair lady.

  • #FFE11D “wanna have relationship with”.

    @mg12 He’s a dirty old man.

  • #73F560 “My journey is to the sea of stars”.

    Meme murmured hundreds of times a day by our developer @shellexy.

  • #63C6FF “Virushuo’s Integrity”.

    @virushuo A hardcore man always do the right thing, with or without a backup.

  • #FFA135 “Shiny old times before marriage”.

    Our friend, @whentp, recently gets engaged officially. This color helps him remember his bechelor party.

  • #C262FF “Panda acts cute”.

    @panda_l He just can’t stop selling his “Moe” to others in Chinese twitter community.

  • #5C33FF “Schizophrenia”.

    In memory of Opera’s @thruth. Former ancient active Chinese open source advocate, now deaf and heart-blinded like caught Schizophrenia.

  • #B30002 “Bloody Marguerite”

    Bravo for brilliant critics. my color btw.

  • #2E3333 “Hidden Dark Minds”.

    To @csslayer and someone who’s really good at disappointing you.

  • #7A005A “To a Cold Beauty”.

    An British Poem, to someone you like but dislikes you. @gaojiamin’s the cold beauty.

  • #FF6C00 “Assassin’s tango”.

    A latin rhythmix well known in 1960s. to @shellex, She’s as open as open source (@shellex’s comment: Negative).

  • #B4FC2C “Titian’s elegance”.

    @tixiang, the Queen of Elegance.

  • #00FC50 “Pretty wife”.

    @arthur369, a pretty wife is like a spring.

  • #F4F50A “tranquil love nemesis”.

    Our friend, @lovenemesis, co-founder of Linuxtoy, recently made a proposal.

  • #DBFFDB “Just can’t stop thinking of here”.

    in memory of everyone once here. It’s @dttoo’s bio.

  • #277077 “struggling adventurers”.

    mercy to person too eager to know the world and got himself hurt. to @kee_kun

I’ve packaged the snapshot version for openSUSE in home:opensuse_zh

Before publish @shellexy unleash the Chrome version

Ubuntu will soon catch up.

Have a nice day, all.

Hotot v0.9.7 released

Hey my friends! Since it has great changes, this version is not only a bug-fixed released. Yes, it’s not a bug-free released, as usual. The first stable version will be the 1.0 (>_<). Don’t be down, in 0.9.7, we implement some awesome features as follows:

Real time update

Thank @shellexy, who brought us experimental real time update support. For technological reasons, this feature is only enabled in Twitter profile without API proxy.

Dynamic views support

You can add/remove custom views now. It’s a convenient way to monitor someone’s timeline or more than one specified topics. Hotot can remember the order and position of all views, so everything resumes when you launch Hotot next time. In addition, we also reform the old notification system, so you can apply separate notification policies in different views.

Performance improvement

Improve the performance of adding tweets, several times faster than the previous version, which also alleviate the lags caused by the adding incoming tweets.

Kismet Firewall

Tired of boring topics? Rule the timeline and drop them. I start up Kismet. In the design, it’s not only a simple firewall, but also a powerful tool to help people have better control to their information flow. Now, you can try the prototype to feel its power.

List support

Well, now you can manage your lists in Hotot now. Perhaps, it’s really useful for some people… However, the list support is not complete yet… Anyway, it works to some degrees.

Theme support

There are big changes in GUI of Hotot. Version 0.9.7 has two built-in themes: “New Hope” and “Classic”. The default is “New Hope”, a simple and clear theme. If you prefer the old one, you can also choose the “Classic”.
Feel free to build your own theme in Hotot*.

*Notice: Hotot for Chrome doesn’t support custom theme.

Multimedia Preview

The two extensions, Video Preview and Image Preview, has been embedded into Hotot’s code. By default, links from supported image service provider and video provider(Youtube only, at present) can be parsed as a small image to preview.

A Better Image Uploader

As I have mentioned in the previous post, new image uploader was introduced into Hotot. It’s more convenient, more polished, easier to use and has replaced the original uploader extension in Chrome version. Except for it doesn’t work in the native version, pity. :(

Expand the automatically

Twitter’s default URL shorten service is good. But it become inconvenient for people who are reading tweets. Hotot keep it, but expand it into the original URL to display.

Many bugs fixed.

Yep, bugs are endless. So we fixed lots of bugs as usual. Hotot doesn’t have an official twitter account yet, but we all developers and designers are twitter users. You can find our twitter accounts in “About & Help” > “Credits”*. Formal bug reports are more welcomed, please visit our Issue List to submit your advices and reports.

*Warning: We tweet in Chinese in most cases. Follow us on your own account!

By the way, we’re happy to inform you that Hotot have changed the VCS provider from Google Code to . If you are maintaining own package from the source, please update your repository URL. Thank you/www o(^_^)o~