This project has been discontinued

Sorry about that I didn’t update Hotot (version 1) for a long time. Some of my friends know that during the last several months, a new generation of Hotot (called version 3, you can find it here) was still in development. But now, for some reasons, I don’t have enough time and energy to develop Hotot, both version 1 and version 3 will be stopped for now.

I began Hotot because there was no twitter client at Linux platform satisfy me at that time. I want to make a better one and I did it (In certain aspects, some of you will agree).

I am not a coder. In the past three years, I acted as a main developer and a designer. It’s a really memorable experience for me, but it also costs a lot. Time and energy are always limited. I don’t satisfy my life so much at present. I have to make a living.

Because the maintenance is finished too, I won’t respond for any bug report or suggestion. I recommend all Hotot users to switch to other twitter clients. There are a lot choices right now, on every platform, with different designs. Some of them are better than Hotot.

I have released all code of Hotot 3 in GPLv3. You can check it out from the bottom of the article. I construct it with Angular.JS and rewrite it in CoffeeScript. I will be happy if someone continues it. If you hate every twitter client except Hotot and want to continue it, I recommend you to switch to Ember.JS because using Angular.JS in large WebApp like Hotot would meet some serious performance problems.

So apologises and thank you, all fans of Hotot.

source code of Hotot 1 at github:

source code of Hotot 3 at github:

BTW: if you need the API of Hotot or this Domain, please contact me: @lyricwai